Urban River Corridor Management

My specialism is based on bridging the gap between European objectives for the Water Framework Directive, transnational Basin Plans, national Catchment Plans and the practicalities of delivery on the ground and their implementation local strategic plans.  I'm interested in the social and economic benefits of river restoration in an urban setting and particularly the role of rivers in social cohesion, designing out crime through environmental landscaping and the using rivers to help develop a sense of place.

My experience shows that Local Government has a key role in promoting the multiple benefit ecosystems services approach to managing local river corridors.  However there is a divide in the language used by river and water professionals and that of Local Government.  I've spent 10 years acting as a mediator between the two, learning the value of the science based approach to flood and water management and then being able to convey this through projects and actions that deliver local requirements which in turn lead to better water quality and biodiversity.

I have over 10 years experience of promoting the value of local urban river corridor plans in order to improve the management of rivers across Europe. I have successfully delivered two major EU funded initiatives, the LIFE Env QUERCUS Project (2005-08) and the INTERREG IVC ERCIP Project (2010-12)